Grand Poobah -

This catch-all title implies a lot. Alice founded TdotComics in 2008; in 2010 she oversaw the move from a ning forum site to the current wordpress layout. Alice curates all content on TdotComics along with seeking out and nurturing new contributors. She also contributes her own articles to TdotComics, and frequently masterminds new sections of the website to accommodate the Toronto comic community’s growing needs.

Producer - Qunntessential Comix

In November 2010 an opportunity arose with Sean Ward at Harth TV to do a weekly YouTube show about comics. Alice produced the first series (21 episodes) with Sean and Harth and starred in the show alongside Matt Garcia. Quinntessential Comix is currently in production on a new segment—Introduction Series, with Alice as sole producer.


In 2011 Alice was on the organizing committee for Star Wars Day Toronto. Since then she has organized and hosted many events including Star Wars Day Toronto 2012, The Comic Book Lounge and Gallery Anniversary Mini Con, Ladies Night at the Lounge (quarterly) and Political Comics with Matt Bors in 2013.

Written Work

Alice's posts on TdotComics can be found under "Alice's Blog". Alice has also written posts for, as well as some reviews on
Alice covered TCAF 2015 for the TPL Teen Blog.


Alice began her video career conducting interviews with comic creators on her Vimeo channel in 2010. Since then she has interviewed comic creators, actors, and producers from all kinds of genres. With 30+ interviews online, Alice has no intention of slowing down. Previous guests include Chris Hardwick, Anna Silk, Pendleton Ward and Chester Brown.

Alice will be continuing her video work with more interviews, a new YouTube series and a monthly Book Club.